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Welcome to The Cameleer!

“What is a cameleer?” you may ask. A cameleer is the leader of a camel train. For us, the word “cameleer” evoked a vision of strings of camels trekking along the Silk Road, trading in exotic goods of earlier times. While we don’t trade on camel-back, the name “The Cameleer” seemed a natural for our store.

Our initial selection of aboriginal art and handcraft from Central Australia has expanded over the last 30 years to include products from over 80 countries, showcased in our shop in downtown Culpeper, Virginia, becoming an around-the-world adventure, right at your doorstep!

In response to customer requests, our product selection has expanded beyond Central Australian artifacts to include jewelry, clothing for men and women, linens, tableware, housewares, stationary, and anything else that catches our fancy. Our product selection is always changing, as are the countries represented, ranging from Argentina to Zimbabwe.