Possumsilk by Koru

Due to COVID lockdown in New Zealand, the possumsilk knitting operation has closed. 

The Cameleer will not receive any possumsilk products this year. We hope to offer a collection next year.


Koru garments are expertly constructed in New Zealand to the highest standard of quality, from a premium blend of 50% merino lambswool, 40% brushtail possum fur and 10% mulberry silk. 

Koru Knitwear's luxurious blend incorporates the maximum percentage available of 40% possum fur, which provides the ultimate in supreme warmth and softness. Possum fur has a unique hollow structure which traps air, providing exceptional insulation properties. It also has no scales, making it silky soft to the touch. The addition of fine merino lambswool and mulberry silk add strength, additional warmth and silk softness to Koru garments. Experience for yourself the luxurious warmth and softness of a Koru possumsilk garment from New Zealand. 

The New Zealand brushtail possum is an introduces species brought to New Zealand from Australia in 1837. With no natural predators, they have become New Zealand's most damaging animal pest, wreaking havoc on native forest and wildlife, including the native Kiwi. There are an estimated 30 million possums in NZ today, causing immense destruction to the ecological system. The use of possum fur in Koru's knitwear helps to preserve New Zealand's unique and beautiful environment. 

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